MSC is dedicated to transformative movement building.  MSC seeks to create a movement ecosystem of deeply connected groups that share values and rely on each other to respond to the needs of impacted communities, advance policy solutions, and transform the lives of people on the frontlines of change. 

Founded in 2001 by veteran organizer Taj James, MSC is a national UWC LA Regional Launch 2012intermediary that works with over 300 partner grassroots organizations, alliances, and networks that operate at local, regional, and national levels.   MSC works across sectors, supporting local alliances that bring people in one place together across issues and constituencies, and supporting national alliances that unite groups working on common issues. MSC works within sectors, helping individuals, organizations, and alliances build their capacity to be strategic, collaborative, and sustainable.  

MSC centralizes the inclusion and leadership of traditionally marginalized communities in progressive movement building. MSC places the experience and leadership of those most impacted at the center of transformative movement building. Our partners are rural and urban; non-profit 501(c)(3) and (c)(4) organizations; and more.  The vast majority of our partners are comprised of and led by low-income people, people of color, immigrants, and youth.

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